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About Meg Wilburn - Your Real Estate Expert!

• Knowledgeable about Louisville Neighborhoods and Schools

• Familiar with Home Construction and Property Development

• Objective Analysis of Homes for Price, Condition and Location

• Professional, Service-Oriented Approach

• Expertise in New Construction, Existing Single-Family Homes and Condos

• Dogged, Smart Negotiator with Experience

• 24/7 Accessibility

Personal Background- I am happy to say that Louisville has been my home for the past 17 years. I grew up in El Paso and have lived all over the country - New Orleans, Santa Fe, California and Seattle. I even spent six months in Hong Kong while helping my brother build a water park. Ask me about that! But I’ve fallen in love with Louisville – it is my home. I have raised two children here and I know the ins and outs of living in Possibility City, including the school systems and the array of great neighborhoods!

When I am not working with clients, I like to make silver jewelry, paint with oils and dance Argentine tango, salsa and swing. I was active in my children's schools, volunteering for reading programs and helping to raise money. I also made and donated artwork to help buy computers and fund other programs for their schools. And some might say I have a pretty good tomato garden, if not a bit weedy.

Meg Wilburn

Professional Background- My adventures as a Realtor began after my children left for college. Real estate seemed like a natural fit for me given my background - a love of architecture and my knowledge of Louisville.

My husband and I owned a home construction and development business when we lived in Washington state, so I am more than a little acquainted with what goes into making a good home, including the possibilities for making one better. It also prepared me for the business side of real estate - the art of negotiations, the need for accuracy and organization and the demand for persistence and diligence. It was an exciting adventure and a great education!!

What I didn’t realize about being a Realtor is that I would have so much fun and find so many rewards in helping my clients find homes that they love. I’ve had wonderful clients! I pride myself on 24/7 accessibility, as most of my clients work and only have time for their home search during off hours.

My hobbies and background all contribute to what I think makes a great Realtor – real-life experience necessary to understand and meet the needs of real people. My philosophy is that real estate is not about sales but about service. Finding you the best home for your needs is far more important than convincing you to buy the first house. This is my philosophy, and that is why I joined the Joe Hayden Real Estate Team. I could have worked as a Realtor alone or joined another team, but Joe's team demonstrated to me that it believes that providing clients good service is an investment.

Don’t take my word for it, though. Please read our testimonials! And then let me know how I can help get you into the home of your dreams!!