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Property Value Map Louisville, Kentucky

Here is an interactive Property Value Map for Louisville, Kentucky from Your Mapper.  This map will give you access to all Jefferson County PVA (Property Valuation Administration) tax-assessed values of homes.  To use this map, either input the desired address in the search box and select "Center", or drag the map to the location that you desire and press this icon - Map Center Icon.  The map will adjust to include your desired address and you can then view the tax-assessed values of all homes in the area. 

Keep in mind that these property values are the tax-assessed values of the homes in Jefferson County, Kentucky.  When buying a
home in Louisville, you should always consider comparable sales as the most accurate measure of a home's market value.  The property values given by the Jefferson County PVA do not necessarily reflect the market price of the home.  To learn more or to receive a free market analysis of your home, contact Joe Hayden.

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