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Real Estate Services - Louisville, Kentucky

Below are numerous links to various companies and individuals who provide real estate services to the Louisville, Kentucky area.  You will find mortgage providers, home inspection services, and pest control links.  I do not receive any compensation or special consideration for referring you to these companies.  These links are here to help guide you in your research, to connect you with persons with whom I have had very successful transactions with in the past, and to give you some options from which to choose.  You are responsible for all of your dealings with any of these individuals or companies you elect to employ.

I hope this information is helpful, and I continually look for feedback and suggestions for mortgage companies, home inspection services, and pest control services to be included on this page.

Mortgage Providers

Mike Roberts, The Mortgage Warehouse

Maryann Smyth, PrimeLending

Pest Control / Pest Inspections

Black Diamond Pest Control

Bright Pest Control

Home Inspection Services / Radon Testing

Home Inspection Services

Mark Hunter, K&I Inspections